Part 5 of La Casa de Papel is about to be finished, when will it air?


We know more about the following adventures of the most famous robbers on the planet!

Like many productions around the world, La Casa de Papel has been affected by the health crisis that has ravaged the planet for almost a year! While the filming of the fifth part had started in good conditions a few months ago, the new wave of the coronavirus forced the teams to stop their work on the sets of the Spanish show.

A slight setback which should not however prevent the release of the continuation of the adventures of the most famous robbers of our screens. In any case, this is what our colleagues at Melty report, who quotes a source from Stanford ArtReviews, which specifies that the shooting of the fifth part of the series would be about to be finished. Very good news for fans who had more than 65 million – a visibility record – to jump on Netflix when the previous season was released.

While we already know that the fifth part of La Casa de Papel will be the last of the Spanish series, the video-on-demand platform has not yet specified the exact release date of this final meeting. you! As a reminder, the last episode of part 4 ended with Alicia’s arrival in the Professor’s hiding place. A cliffhanger (which designates a type of open-end intended to create a strong expectation) worthy of the greatest which should therefore end in a few months. Recently interviewed about this long-awaited final chapter, Alex Piña, the show’s creator, clarified that he wanted to “end the series in style, as fans imagine and dream”.

As to whether the latter will succeed in satisfying the reputedly difficult public opinion, it will still be necessary to arm yourself with a little patience.


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