Patty Jenkins Already Has Plot For Wonder Woman 4 In Her Mind


In an interview that took place shortly before the news of Wonder Woman 3 broke, Patty Jenkins revealed that she already had a plot for a fourth film.

A few days ago, we learned that Warner Bros has big plans for Wonder Woman 3 and is already working on it. The third part of the story will bring Gal Gadot back as Diana Prince, while director Patty Jenkins will also get behind the camera again. However, in an interview that took place with EW before the news, the filmmaker revealed that she has ideas for two more stories after Wonder Woman 1984.

“The story continues after this in films that I may or may not direct, but I have two more stories that become the culmination of this story and they are about women who intervene as women, in the most loving, pure and natural way”, revealed the director at the time. In this way, Patty Jenkins explained: “And make a difference in the world without having to change who they are to do it.”

All signs point to Wonder Woman 3 taking place today, so where would that leave the fourth movie? The truth is, it would be great to go to the future with a Diana Prince who is thousands of years old and tries to save humanity one last time (in a Logan-style adventure). At the moment, Warner Bros plans to close the trilogy with the third film. Therefore, the plots for future stories would be nothing.

Against simultaneous premieres

Warner Bros made the decision to use the simultaneous release measure. This means that the movies will hit theaters and also HBO Max. Many directors are against this decision and Patty Jenkins is one of them.

“I’d like to think it’s temporary but I’m not sure it will be. But I will say one thing. Some studio is going to go back to the traditional model and cause a convulsion in the industry. Because great directors will want to work there. And the studio that makes this radical change [from changing the premieres in cinemas to streaming premieres] without consulting the artists, will end up with an empty catalog of quality directors who want to work with them. “


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