Patty Jenkins On Developing Star Wars: Rouge Squadron


Patty Jenkins talks about the development of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Director Patty Jenkins joins the Star Wars universe and says she has come a long way in developing Rogue Squadron.

Disney Investor Day brought good news for fans of Star Wars. During the presentation of the future of Lucasfilm, the studio announced 10 new projects for this cinematic universe. Like Marvel Studios, Star Wars bets on Disney + for its future projects. Nine of the titles announced will be series, both live-action, and animation. But they also introduce their new generation of movies. Director Patty Jenkins will direct Rogue Squadron.

Patty Jenkins is promoting her new movie, Wonder Woman 1984. And although the film is not released yet, the audience wants to know the details of his new project with Star Wars. At the moment, Jenkins can’t tell much about Rogue Squadron. But he anticipates in an interview with Collider that he has advanced a lot. The base course is almost complete and you will soon be able to work in-depth on the script.

We are practically about to finish the base treatment, which is something quite big. So when I finish my treatment process we will be closer to having a good script. So yeah, we’ve been working on it for quite some time. It’s going to be amazing. I am very excited about this. I’m excited about the story.

The incorporation of Patty Jenkins to Star Wars caught all fans of the franchise by surprise. Unlike other directors, there were no previous rumors. Lucasfilm still has a lot of Rogue Squadron secrets. Among them the team of the film. Jenkins says he knows who the writer is and that he has been working with him lol. But that will not say anything until the study announces it officially. “I want you to get your own ad. So I won’t say anything until they reveal it.

The name Rogue Squadron takes a reference from novels, comics, and video games. This one introduces Resistance pilots after the events of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. For her part, Patty Jenkins confirms that although she will be inspired by this material and adventures, her film will not be a direct adaptation. This is confirmed in an interview with IGN.

“We are going to do something original with a great influence from video games and books. There are many that are being taken into account and that we have to understand the greatness of all that material. But yes, it is an original story”.

Rogue Squadron also has a release date. The Patty Jenkins movie opens on December 22, 2023. Taking this way the first date that Lucasfilm had reserved in the Disney calendar. The others are in December 2025 and 2027. Everything indicates that another date will be taken by the Taika Waititi tape. It was announced in May to the director that he would be working with Lucasfilm again after his participation in The Mandalorian. At Disney Investor Day it was confirmed that Waititi is still working on this project. But the title and release date were not revealed.


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