Sophie Rundle, who plays Ada in the series, recounts her ordeal with the virus.

When is ‘Peaky Blinders’ coming back? All about the new season.

Not even the Shelbys are safe from the threat of COVID-19, which has paralyzed the entire world in 2020. As confirmed on Instagram, actress Sophie Rundle, best known for playing Ada in ‘ Peaky Blinders ‘, has been hospitalized for presenting severe symptoms of the virus. In his message to his followers, he wanted to tell the whole situation in detail so that those who are also going through a bad time do not feel so alone.

This is the full message on his Instagram:

” GREETINGS FROM MY SICK BED! For Christmas this year I have given myself a juicy contagion of Covid-19. I also have a very festive bloodshot eye from all the intense vomiting I suffered in the hospital (see the next photo if you’re brave.) I can’t taste ANYTHING, I have a cough that rivals that of an orphan child in a Dickens novel, and the angel on top of my Christmas tree of disease is the pain from my twisted little teeth. judgment. What a feast of sorrows! But self-pity is a drag and we are all fed up, right? So how are you all? What do you find to lift your spirits? If you feel depressed or on the edge of the cliff, know that You are not alone. You can join my gang. Please comment below and let’s cheer each other on . ”

The actress, who has also been part of the cast of series such as ‘Gentleman Jack’ and ‘Bodyguard’, later shared some ‘stories’ thanking all the support shown by her followers, colleagues and friends, and informing that she is already very much best. Let’s hope she recovers in time to start filming the sixth season of ‘Peaky Blinders’, which begins, if the coronavirus allows it, in early 2021. Her character, Ada, is expecting her second child as a single mother after the father passed away in the previous season. Where will the character go in times of fascism in Europe?


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