Peaky Blinders: Why Is Season 7 Cancelled?


After months of uncertainty due to the delays in its filming, caused by the expansion of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom, we finally know what the future of ‘ Peaky Blinders ‘ will be: it will end its sixth season and definitively close the story with a film. One of lime and another of sand for his fans, who hoped that the series created by Steven Knight would continue for much longer. At least, in a seventh season that had already been confirmed. Why was it not carried on despite the delays?

Undoubtedly, the clearest answer is found in the situation caused by the virus, which has not only ruined all the production, filming and premiere plans of the series but surely, although no official statements have been made in this regard, has weakened the economic resources with which it hadAnd that means delays alone don’t significantly increase the budget, so from now on take all the hygiene measures into the set and until the virus disappears. “Covid has changed our plans,” Knight told Deadline.

Beyond the economic issue, the filming has become more complex to handle, especially with a massive cast like the one the series has. And while fans are enthusiastic enough to wait for whatever it takes, it is clear that everything has to have an expiration date and ‘Peaky Blinders’ cannot go on for many more years. Season six likely won’t come until late 2021 or early 2022, so a possible seventh would have taken years to make.

Another thing to keep in mind: Knight wanted to end the series with its fifth season, but, due to the success it reaped around the world, he decided to move on. “I thought there are a lot of people who are starting to know the series now, and it would be a shame to stop,” he stated at the time. Contrary to destiny, now they have to retreat and stop before they can be expected. Of course, a year ago no fan would have imagined that they would be referring to season six as the last. Luckily, as we pointed out at the beginning, the film is already confirmed and on the way.

According to the statements of the creator of the series, the idea of ​​ending with a movie was always on the table. Now it only remains to know what the transition from television to cinema will be like, where we can see that feature film (could it have a theatrical release in style, as happened with ‘Downton Abbey’?) And how the story of the Shelby family will end.

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