Pedro Pascal Was Inspired By This Actor For Wonder Woman 1984


Pedro Pascal has revealed who was inspired to play his character Maxwell Lord in a scene from Wonder Woman 1984

Pedro Pascal has revealed that the star Nicolas Cage inspired him to play his character Maxwell Lord in a scene from Wonder Woman 1984, a 2017 sequel to Wonder Woman that will arrive in Europe on December 18 and in the United States simultaneously in Cinemas and HBO Max on Christmas Day.

The story in Wonder Woman fast-forward 66 years from the first movie, showing us Diana Prince ( Gal Gadot ) working at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC, alongside Barbara Ann Minerva (Kristen Wiig). In it we will also see the return from the dead of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor the transformation of Barbara into the arch-enemy of the Wonder Woman, Cheetah the appearance of Maxwell Lord the character of Pedro Pascal.

The character of Maxwell Lord and his role in the Wonder Woman 1984 plot has been kept somewhat secretive and we know rather little about his role in the plot. In the comics, Lord is primarily a villain in the Justice League; who tries to use his power and wealth to control them and, when that doesn’t work, tries to turn them against each other. Eventually, he develops telepathic mind control powers and is killed by Wonder Woman on TV director.

In Wonder Woman 1984, Lord is known as the king of infomercials, promising to give people everything they could want. Director Patty Jenkins’ version of Lord is a cross between Gordon Gekko, the unscrupulous fictional villain of 1987 Wall Street who notoriously proclaims that “greed is good,” and Tony Robbins, the motivational speaker and self-help guru who began selling its products and programs on infomercials in the late 1980s.

Wonder Woman 1984 screenwriters David Callaham, Geoff Johns, and Jenkins may have been inspired by Gekko and Robbins as they wrote and crafted the character of Lord, but Pascal revealed that he looked at another figure to prepare for his portrayal of Lord. Pascal told Entertainment Weekly that actor Nicolas Cage inspired his performance for a particular scene, adding, “With Wonder Woman, [Gal Gadot and Kristen Wiig] are doing the action, honey, and I’m doing the acting of! Fools! I’m improving it! ”.

Pascal did not mention what happens in the Nicolas Cage-inspired scene, or whether he emulated a specific role of Cage or chose a more general pastiche of his exaggerated performances. However, Lord’s narcissism and pursuit of riches are reminiscent of one of Cage’s earliest roles: Peter Loew in 1989 ‘s Vampire’s Kiss. One of Cage’s most unhinged performances, portraying a literary agent with a hard-working attitude and playful that she is slowly losing her mind, making her believe that she is turning into a vampire.

This movie gave us some of the actor’s best acting. It’s true that the whole mentally ill vampire part is quite removed from Lord, but the excess and self-absorption of a particular type of career-driven man that could only have existed in the 1980s is the same.

Pascal speaking openly about his influences is smart; Rather than make comparisons to Cage’s work, he has invited fans to view his performance as a tribute. The first reactions to the film have been extremely positive, with some of them praising Pascal in particular.


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