Play’n GO’s Moon Princess: Get lucky with magical lunar girls


    Play’n GO is bringing the magic to your favourite online casino once again with Moon Princess, the brightest and cutest online slot game around! Find out what this game is all about and test your luck with the help of magical lunar girls.

    Theme and layout

    The theme of Moon Princess is the magical girl genre that has been popular in 1990s Japanese animated series. You may have watched some of these magical girl shows as a kid, so playing this game might bring you some nostalgia.

    The symbols included in the Moon Princess video slot game are the four magical items that are commonly seen in the base game. The three magical girls and the moon emblem serve as the wild. However, there are no scatter symbols in Moon Princess.

    The symbols are arranged in a 5×5 grid and winning combinations can be made by matching at least three identical symbols on a payline. Winning combinations are removed from the grid while the rest of the symbols will move to fill the gap.


    The green circle and the blue star emblems each pay up to $4 while the heart and bell symbols each pay up to $6. Get a five-of-a-kind of any of the three magical girls and you will get $20. A random five-symbol combination of three of them will pay you $10. The moon wild pays you $100 for a five-of-a-kind on any of the 20 paylines of this game.

    Bonus features

    What makes Moon Princess fun to play is the features that it comes with. These are:

    Girl Power

    The Girl Power Feature allows one of the three magical girls to show up on the side of the reels and use her powers to give you great benefits. Here’s what each of them can do:

    • The Love Princess transforms a group of symbols into a completely different group.
    • The Star Princess adds one to two wild symbols on your reels.
    • The Storm Princess removes two groups of symbols from your reels.

    Free Spins

    Moon Princess doesn’t have a scatter symbol, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to score some free spins. You can trigger this feature by either clearing the reels of all the symbols. You can also trigger one free spin by filling the on-screen meter through a winning combination that involves one of the magical girl symbols.

    If you manage to clear your reels, you get to choose which magical girl will accompany you in the free spins round. Each of the three girls also have differing numbers of free spins: Love Princess gives you four, Star Princess gives you five, while Storm Princess gives you eight.

    After you have chosen your magical girl, her corresponding power will be triggered for every non-winning spin in the free spins round. A multiplier that can reach up to 20x and does not reset is also available while you are free spinning.


    Do you still need more information about Moon Princess? Here are some of the most common questions:

    What is the RTP of Moon Princess?

    Moon Princess has an RTP of up to 96.5%, something that most Play’n GO online slots are proud of having since it implies having a small house edge. The average RTP of online slots is around 96%, so you can count on Moon Princess to give you a rewarding experience after several spins.

    What is the volatility of Moon Princess?

    Moon Princess has a high volatility, meaning it might take you lots of spins to finally get a lucky break. Volatility describes the risk factor associated with an online slot, so make sure you have enough money and patience if you want to fully enjoy Moon Princess.

    Can Moon Princess be played on mobile?

    Yes, Moon Princess can be played on mobile. Its bright colours are enticing for some people to try it out so Play’n GO made sure that it can be played on a wide range of devices.

    Shoot for the moon with the Moon Princess video slot game and win huge rewards with the help of a trio of magical girls.


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