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Written and illustrated by Suu Minazuki, Plunderer is an anime series. Its first season was released in January 2020 with 25 episodes. It appeared as a manga in Monthly Shōnen Ace magazine, then later it was adapted into an anime series by Greek toys in 2020. 

It is a story of an apocalyptic world where the life and death of humans are measured by some specific counts, it is a number that is inherited in their body. If the number goes down to zero, the person is pushed into an abyss where he or she enters death for eternity. The central character Hina is measured by the kilometers she has walked. 

As seen in season one, she is on a mission to hunt the Legendary Ace from her mother’s last wish before she was dragged into the abyss five years ago. 

Release Date for the second season!!

Greek Toys haven’t renewed the arrival of the second season even after the successful season one. They have left fans waiting for the second season as the prime season hasn’t covered the manga yet. 

Even though the first season was controversial it has a decent fan following. The fan base can push the studios to come with season two as soon as possible. There are chances that the studios have put the release of the second season on hold due to the pandemic. Otherwise, the second season was expected in January 2021 if we look at season one which was released almost a year ago. 

We have to wait for some official updates to know the release date.

The expected plot!!

We know there are no details about the upcoming season from the official sources but it is highly expected that the new season will continue from where it ended in the previous season. In the finale of season one, we saw Litch accusing himself of the death of his classmates, and later we saw him teaming up with Hina to find all the seven ballots for the benefit of humanity. 

The second season might drive us into their journey filled with adventure to find the seven ballots. 

Voice Cast:

Once the studios renew the second season, we expect the return of the voice cast of the main characters. Yoshiki Nakajima will be the voice behind Litch Bach and Hina will be voiced by Ria Honnizumi.

Stay tuned with us to know more about it.


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