Predator Will Have A New Movie To Continue The Saga


The Predator saga will have a new opportunity to succeed after the last installments have not finished being the expected success.

20th Century FOX (owned by Disney) is planning a new Predator movie, the science fiction saga where aliens come to Earth to hunt humans.

Now we have a few details of this new Predator installment that will be directed by Dan Trachtenberg. Best known for being in charge of the movie 10 Cloverfield Street (2016) and episodes of series such as The Boys from Amazon or Black Mirror from Netflix.

After the disappointing 2018 Predator movie directed by Shane Black, the new story seems like it will have nothing to do with it and they want to give it a totally different tone. For this, they will have the script by Patrick Aison, whose filmography as producer/writer includes Kingdom, Jack Ryan, and Treadstone.

The saga deserves a new opportunity.

The first Predator movie was released in 1987 and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger who played the leader of a group of mercenaries who were chased in the jungle by a ruthless alien creature. A few years later in 1990, Predator 2 was released. Where the action moved to the city of Los Angeles and detective Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) must find out who is killing the most dangerous drug traffickers and criminals. A detail of that film that did not go unnoticed was that a skull of a Xenomorph from the Alien saga could be seen. Which caused fans to ask for a crossover for years.

Alien vs Predator came in 2004 and it wasn’t quite what was expected. Still, it was successful enough that in 2007 they did Alien vs. Predator 2, which was far worse.

In 2010 an attempt was made to remake the saga with Predators, produced by Robert Rodriguez and directed by Nimrod Antal. This installment changed the scene on Earth. Since some humans were transported/kidnapped to an alien planet to be hunted there.

Finally, in 2018 an attempt was made to make a new installment of Predator, trying to adapt it to the most current public, but the result was quite negative. So now maybe it’s time to give it a new try, but they will have to change the plot a lot, to make it something different and fresh. Do not rule out that this movie will go directly to Disney +.


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