Princess Diana is finally making her debut on The Crown

Princess Diana is finally making her debut on The Crown
Princess Diana is finally making her debut on The Crown

Princess Diana, is indeed the most famous member of the royal family, after the Queen herself. Her story has been told a million times, and her death is still a controversy. And finally, she is making her debut on The Crown as well.

Netflix released the trailer of the show on 13th October, 2020 and it has received a largely positive review. To be honest, the trailer itself is a beautiful piece of art.

If you’re a person who is not familiar with the TV series, you might actually mistake the trailer for a trailer of some horror film. This tone is purely intentional as we later realize that Princess Diana’s life was nothing but a sugar-coated nightmare.

Emma Corrin on playing Diana

Emma Corrin is known for her excellent acting skills. At the start of the trailer, we just see the silhouette of her walking and we instantly realise that it is Diana! That is how much of an effort Emma put into understanding the late princess and embodying her.

“I feel I’ve got to know Diana like you would a friend,” Corrin told British Vogue. She also stated how knowing the 19 year old Diana, living with her flatmates, going on a date with the prince was a key in helping understand Diana.

Emma also revealed that she was just as excited about trying Diana’s wardrobe (as she became one of the biggest fashion icons in the 90s) but admitted that her initial dressing sense was just “awful”.

You can watch the trailer here-

“It really shows that fashion is something that grows with you. I’ve certainly found that. If I look back at pictures of me when I was younger, oh my god. Nightmare!” she said in an interview.

What we know about the plot

This season, we will see the rivalry and the strained relationship between Margret Thatcher (played by Gillian Anderson) and the Queen.

The season also features the split of the Queen’s sister Princess Margaret, making her the first member of the Royal family to end a marriage legally in 77 years.

You can see sneak peaks of the show, released on Twitter here-

Stay with us for the latest information on The Crown!

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