RadioShack’s Twitter Wasn’t Hacked, It’s Just a Crypto Shill Now

RadioShack's Twitter Wasn't Hacked, It's Just a Crypto Shill Now

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Tai Lopez, an internet marketer, bought RadioShack. The end outgrowth is (edgelord).

” Marry her if you find a squirter.”

This is the trending tweet on Twitter right now, and stupefied responses can be seen in the replies and quote tweets that follow it.

Neither a politician’s account nor a marketable account was addressed to shoot the tweet by accident.

It was purposefully twittered by RadioShack.

What makes RadioShack tweet such a thing, however? It’s straightforward RadioShack is now a cryptocurrency business.

RadioShack's Twitter Wasn't Hacked, It's Just a Crypto Shill Now

That is accurate. With a shift to the blockchain, RadioShack has introduced its own cryptocurrency exchange, called Radio Shack exchange.

Indeed the pot has its own cryptocurrency,$ RADIO, which is now trading for about one penny.( It appears to have lost two- thirds of its pre-crash value due to the crypto crash.)

Right now, if you go to RadioShack’s website, you will see that it still offers a many electrical extras for trade. On the frontal runner, still, the RadioShack cryptocurrency platform is prominently shown.

The century-old electronics retailer has also switched to twittering” edgy” stuff in an trouble to feed to the libertarian- leaning crypto” degens”( crypto shoptalk for” degenerates,” as some crypto advocates relate to themselves as).

The account has gone popular before as a result of the shock value of seeing your pater ‘s go- to source for used ham radio spare corridor slum it up online with some tweet- also- delete edgelord humour, indeed though the since- deleted” squirter” tweet may be its biggest attention- grabbing success to yet.

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After being acquired by Retail Ecommerce gambles( REV) in 2020, RadioShack transitioned from being your forefather’s electrical retailer to its current manifestation as a bitcoin pumper.

This came after a turbulent time for the business, during which it shut down several locales and declared ruin.

RadioShack had just 400 physical retail locales when REV bought the business, down from a peak of,300.

Tai Lopez, a well- known figure among YouTube druggies for hispre-roll videotape announcements offering” get rich quick” swindles, is the proprietor of REV.

“Then in My Garage,” in which Lopez flaunts his Lamborghini, may be his most well- known YouTube marketable. presently, further than 71 million people have watched the videotape.

Lopez has made several raids into the crypto world ahead. before this time, Lopez introduced his own brand of NFTs, which was fleetly denounced as a fiddle by detractors who said Lopez” syphons out the moneybags” as soon as a stoner would mint an NFT.

Still, maybe other businesses will follow suit, If REV is successful in realising its crypto vision for a rebuilt RadioShack. Modell’s Sporting Goods, Dressbarn, Linens’n effects, and Pier1 are some of the heritage businesses that Lopez’s REV has bought over the times.

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