Recasting 2000’s X-Men in 2020.

Recasting 2000’s X-Men in 2020.
Recasting 2000’s X-Men in 2020.

Have you guys got the opportunity to watch the first X-Men movie? It was cast back in 2000, the first X-Men movie directed by Bryan Signer proved to be a huge moment in reminiscing the comic book movie adaptations. 

Now have you ever thought how the cast of the Marvel team would look like if the movie was to be filmed in 2020?

Marvel Studios are currently working to reboot the X-Men as a part of the Marvel cinematic Universe many of the characters from the core cast has already appeared in a number of movies.

There’s a lot of things that would make the movie different if it would be filmed in 2020. Let’s see who would fit into the major roles.

First, Aidan Turner as Wolverine, though fans think that replacing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is a herculean task, but critics say that

Turner fits the mold rightly, though he is slightly older than Jackman, his short height perfectly matches Wolverine’s build in the comics and also his experience with blockbusters would be additionally beneficial.

Next, Bryce Dallas Howard would be a  good choice for Jean Grey, he is at the right age to play and also a greater with respect to her career than Janssen’s, Howard was a part of the Marvel family already but seeing her in a superhero’s role would be a treat to the viewer’s eyes.

Recasting 2000’s X-Men in 2020.
Recasting 2000’s X-Men in 2020.

Cyclops roles could be locked by Jensen Ackles, he has been the leader of Supernatural for fifteen years and now he would be the best person leading the Present X-Men team, he is a bit younger than Marsden though but more mature to play Scott Summers also his chemistry with Howard would be praiseworthy, with him playing a superhero in The Boys season 3, he is continuously growing fan’s favorite.

Next up we are nominating Sonequa Martin-Green as storm, she is presently a rising superstar and a great success on the small screen.

And how do you think would Sir Hugh Laurie be as Professor X, he also has been greatly successful and appreciated for playing Dr. Gregory House on House.

Then, how about Christoph waltz fitting into the roles of Magneto? Critics say he would be an excellent choice to fit into the role for the 2020 X-Men movie.

He has given a Breakout performance in Inglorious Bastards and has found a knack for playing villains since then. And if professor X’s darkness is brought out more than Waltz will be the best in giving Magneto an extra fill of charm.

And the last in Kaya Scodelario as Rouge, though she is a bit older than the original Rogue in real life, but that would not matter much with respect to her exquisite talents and skills of performing a superhero.

Thus it’s now time for us to see if at all the 2020 X-Men version is brought up to us. 


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