References that hinted at X-men in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier

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Since the announcement of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, fans are eagerly waiting to embrace the X-men continuity. Probably, the third episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was capable enough to embrace the following. With the Fox purchase, there’s no stopping Disney from letting the X-men characters get involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

However, it seems that Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige is extremely cautious about the mutants’ arrival. X-men readers would be very familiar about the reference that was given away in the third Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode that debuted on Friday (April 2).

Bucky (played by Sebastian Stan) makes a crucial decision in ‘Power Broker’ of catching hold an even more dangerous group of terrorists than the Sokovian terrorist – Helmut Zemo (Played by Daniel Bruhl) they had gotten their hands on. This dangerous group of terrorists is named Flag Smashers in the series.

This search led them to a pivotal setting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe which will be dated right back to 1988 as they reach the fictional Southeast Asian principality Madripoor. Later, Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) was heard saying that neither himself nor does anyone he knows had any alliance with this part of the world where the poorest of the poor lived in squalor whereas the ultra-rich people lived lavishly.

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Given their ties to the Avengers, this was expected and gives more leads to X-men characters to get involved. Additionally, Zemo seems to have contacts with Imelda Corcoran. To put it bluntly, there’s another mutant too existing in Marvel lore named Selby but a little more screen time shall be given to her in the upcoming episodes to link the two characters.

There’s also a reference to the 1988 Wolverine series when they arrived in Madripoor and had a visit to the Princess Bar.


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