Rege-Jean Page Responds To James Bond Rumors


If you’ve already seen ‘ The Bridgertons ‘, the Duke of Hastings will not have gone unnoticed. As one of the protagonists of this first season of the Netflix series, which has been a success this Christmas, he has been the perfect romantic heartthrob and tormented Mr. Darcy who needed the story, but the actor plays him, Regé-Jean Page, is the one who is attracting all the attention. So much so that rumors already place him as one of the candidates to play James Bond.

Regé-Jean Page has responded to this idea with appreciation but also convinced that it is unrealistic for it to happen. “I think there should be an element of cultural translation here – if you’re British and you do something of a certain renown that people value positively, then they start saying the ‘B’ word,” Page said in an appearance on Friday on The Tonight Show, with ‘B’ referring, of course, to ‘Bond’. “It’s like a badge: you get the ‘B’ word as a badge of merit,” the actor continued, clarifying that he doesn’t think it’s a possibility at the moment: “I’m very, very happy to have that badge, I’m glad to be in such a wonderful company of people who have it, but it is still that, a badge.

He is not without reason. It seems that, when a British actor enjoys some success, he begins to sound to play one of the most famous characters in his cinema. It happened to Cillian Murphy when ‘Peaky Blinders’ was at its top, and recently to Richard Madden with ‘Bodyguard’ and Paul Mescal with ‘Normal People’.

Ever since Daniel Craig announced that “No Time to Die” would be his last film as Agent 007, fans have been making bets on who will be his replacement. At the top of the stakes are actors like Tom Hardy and James Norton, but we will have to wait (at least, until the premiere of the film in 2021) to know the final decision.



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