Ripple Collaborates With The Digital Euro Association On CBDCs


The Digital Euro Association (DEA) announced a collaboration with Ripple (XRP/USD) on the development of central bank digital currencies on its website (CBDCs). It is also collaborating with Bhutan’s central bank on an experimental CBDC initiative. Ripple

Ripple Created Blockchain Technology To Support CBDCs

Ripple is the global leader in crypto and blockchain solutions for international cross-border payments. As part of their work with the Digital Pound Foundation, blockchain-based infrastructure has been constructed to aid CDCs, and their efforts in this field have spread abroad.

Ripple’s VP Of Central Bank Engagements, James Wallis, Has This To Say About The Company:

We are glad to join the Digital Euro Association as a supporting partner in order to expand our CBDC operations. The DEA is hastening the construction and expansion of CBDCs, particularly the Digital Euro, across Europe and global markets.

Ripple’s key goals are stablecoins and CBDCs, and the business has allocated a workforce of about 40 individuals to addressing these issues. We’re looking forward to continuing our collaboration with the DEA on CBDCs in the coming months.

Another Way To Express It Is: DEMA Chairman And CEO Jonas Gross Stated

We are happy that our partnership with Ripple will enable us to improve the DEA community’s technological capabilities. Policymakers will increasingly need to focus on the technological design of CBDCs in the near future, rather than solely on studies in the past.

In Relation To The DEA

The Digital Euro Association (DEA), an international think tank established in Frankfurt, Germany, specializes in digital currencies such as central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), stablecoins, crypto assets, and other types of digital money. The digital euro is its principal focus.

Ripple Information

Ripple’s long-term goal in terms of the Internet of Value is to make it a reality.

RippleX is a member of a developer community and invites members to create solutions that use the XRP Ledger, its native digital asset XRP, and related technologies.

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