Rivan Automative Price Target 2025-2040

rivian stock price prediction 2025

Company Profile – Rivian

l  Rivian has created a distinctive brand aimed at thrill seekers and environmentally conscientious shoppers. Additionally, Robert Scaringe, the company’s mission-driven CEO, is in charge of running it. His main objective is to switch transportation to more ecologically friendly options.

l  The business has created a product ecosystem that might one day provide recurring  revenue. In addition to its primary cars, it also offers insurance services and a charging network.

l  Rivian, on the other hand, might not have a significant competitive advantage. It now lacks the means to mass-produce cars and is fiercely competitive with companies like Ford and Tesla.

Is Rivian Stock A Buy?

Depending on your investing objectives and your assessment of the firm, Rivian stock may or may not be a wise purchase. Rivian had a market capitalization of more than $28 billion as of May 3, 2022. Still, some Wall Street experts believe that Rivian’s valuation is still too expensive.

Price Forecast For Rivian Stock

The consensus price target among the 15 analysts that are providing 12-month price projections for Rivian Automotive Inc. is 50.00, with a high estimate of 83.00 and a low estimate of 27.00. From the most recent price of 39.06, the median projection reflects a rise of +28.01%.

The Bull Case For Rivian

  • One of the first manufacturers to successfully produce an all-electric pickup truck was Rivian. As consumers switch to EVs, it has the potential to take a sizable portion of the market thanks to its first-mover advantage.
  • The company already has 90,000 pre-orders lined up and has placed an additional order with Amazon for 100,000 electric vans.
  • According to page two of their shareholder letter, Rivian is far from completing these deliveries, and any upcoming orders won’t be fulfilled until 2023.

The Bear Case For Rivian

  • Rivian has manufactured less than 7,000 vehicles since the start of production in May 2022 despite rapidly depleting its cash reserves. Even if the business were to manage to achieve its 25,000 vehicle goal by the end of 2022, this would still be a very small number in comparison to other businesses in the automotive sector.
  • For instance, Ford sold approximately 4 million automobiles in 2021, whereas Tesla produced over 254,000 vehicles in Q2 of 2022. Despite all the buzz surrounding Rivian, the business still has to contend with actual economics.
  • The company can run out of money before it can deliver on its promise if inflation and supply chain problems prevent it from manufacturing its product and making money.

Rivian Automotive Inc Overview

Valuation  Measures


Market  Cap

29.25 B

Enterprise value

3.93 B

52 Week High

179.47 USD

52 Week Low

19.25 USD

S & P500 52 Week Change

-4.31 %

Price/Sales (TTM)


Price/Book (MRQ)


Enterprise Value /Revenue


Enterprise Value /EBITDA


50/200 Day Moving Average

$ 29.92/ $ 57.98

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Rivian Stock Forecast 2022 | Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2022

Keep an eye on stock market developments; the price of Rivian appears to have room to rise in 2022. The stock is anticipated to reach the Lower range at $42.50, the Higher Range can reach $48.75, and the Medium Range at $45.25, according to a techno-funda analysis of Rivian stock projection 2022 / Rivian Stock price prediction 2022.

Rivian Stock Forecast 2023 | Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2023

For the Rivian Stock Forecast 2023, technical analysis and Elliott wave analysis predict that the Lower Range will be $53.00, the Higher Range will be $61.25 and the Medium Range will be $57.50.

Rivian Stock Forecast 2024 | Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2024

The predicted ranges for the price of Rivian stock are $66.00 for the lower range, $75.50 for the higher range, and $70.75 for the middle range.

Rivian Stock Forecast 2025 | Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2025

According to our analysis, the price of Rivian stock in 2025 will be in the lower range at $83.50, the upper range at $95.75, and the middle range at $89.25.

Rivian Stock Forecast 2026 | Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2026

As the cryptocurrency market has gained momentum, the future is positive. The expected range for the price of Rivian stock is $104.75, $119.50 for the higher range, and $111.75 for the middle level.

Rivian Stock Forecast 2027 | Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2027

The forecast for the price of Rivian stock is for it to trade between $128.25 and $147.25, with $137.50 being the midpoint.

Rivian Stock Forecast 2028 | Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2028

According to technical analysis, the price of Rivian stock is expected to reach a lower range of $159.50, a higher range of up to $182.50, and a medium range of $170.75.

Rivian stock Forecast 2029 | Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2029

According to estimates, the price of Rivian stock will be at $199.25 in 2029, $228.25 in 2029, and $213.50 in 2029.

Rivian Stock Forecast 2030 | Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2030

/ 2030 Rivian Stock Price Prediction / Rivian Stock Forecast According to analysis and expert opinions, the stock price is projected to end up in the lower range at $245.25, the upper range can reach $280.50, and the middle range is $262.00.

Rivian Stock Forecast 2040 | Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2040

According to All Analysis, the price of Rivian stock will reach the Lower Range at $1,520, the Higher Range can achieve $1,755, and the Medium Range is at $1,650 in 2040.

Should I Buy Rivian Stock in 2022?

At the end of 2022, the forecasted price for Rivian stock is anticipated to hit a high of $48,75.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Will Amazon Stock Be Worth In 2025?

It projected that the stock would end the year at $131.526 in December 2022, or nearly the same price as the market on September 2.

The long-term outlook for Amazon was much more upbeat, with the forecaster estimating it might reach $279.135 by the end of 2023 and $452.874 by the end of 2024.

2. Is Rivian Going To Survive?

One of the three businesses that Sandy Munro predicts will endure is Rivian. According to Lucid Motors CEO Peter Rawlinson, the Rivian R1T should cost at least $95,000 to be profitable. After receiving orders for vehicles last year, Rivian raised pricing, which backfired with existing customers.

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