Robert Downey Jr wants to make the sequel to the movie that saved his career

Although everyone believes that Iron Man (2008) is Robert Downey Jr’s most important film, there is a previous one that saved his film career.

These days, if someone thinks of Robert Downey Jr, the Marvel Studios character Iron Man / Tony Stark surely comes to mind. Since he has played the billionaire genius many times and had a shocking ending in Avengers: Endgame (2019). That is why everyone believes that it is the great role of his life. But we must not forget a 2005 film entitled Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, where he was able to show that he was a very charismatic actor and also left his dark past behind, along with the issue of drugs and problems with the law.

In Kiss Kiss Bang Bang actor Robert Downey Jr plays Harry Lockhart, a petty criminal who stumbles upon an audition for a movie while eluding the police and ends up winning the role. He must work alongside a private investigator named Perry van Shrike (Val Kilmer) to better prepare the film. But they both come across a very real conspiracy.

Shane Black’s labyrinthine crime drama (creator of Lethal Weapon), has all the hallmarks of his work, from a festive setting to the clever exchanges thrown between the two main characters that bounce off each other to perfection. The film had a modest gross of about $ 15 million. But thanks to her, Jon Favreau became obsessed with Robert Downey Jr playing Iron Man a few years later.

Now they want to do the sequel.

The new information ensures that Robert Downey Jr hopes to make a sequel to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang since the first installment left the plot open. In addition, both director Shane Black and the actor need great success after their latest failures such as Predator (2018) and The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle (2020). Although the first installment was not as successful as expected, over the years it has gained a large following and is considered a cult work. So in principle, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2 can be a great idea.

Meanwhile, they are also preparing Sherlock Holmes 3, where we will see the best researcher in the world played by Robert Downey Jr.


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