Russian Cosmonaut Was Captured Amazing Space Guests And View Of Earth


New Space Video:

Space never ceases to amaze us with its unfolding secrets. Our minds always duel with the questions like ”Are we the only living creature on this earth? Or there are more who are also watching us or searching for us?” Well, that question is remaining unanswered till now and don’t know for how many more years. 

And here comes the latest update on the same.

From the reports, Russian engineer and cosmonaut Ivan Vagner has captured some mind-blowing videos and pictures of Auroras The Earth from the International space station. He wanted to capture the very beautiful Auroras which can be visible from his station. But in the video it was visible in his latest video as an unexpected sight: 5 Bright lights moved in one direction on the horizon and disappeared very quickly and Ivan named it “Space Guest”. 

Ivan Vagner has started with his first spaceflight in this year in April month as a Flight Engineer on Soyuz MS-16 and Expedition 62/63. There are several crews along with Ivan Vagner.

Vagner has posted in his tweeter that in the video you will see something else apart from the Aurora. This is not aliens but most likely would be satellites. SpaceX recently launched there Starlink satellites on 18th August, since the lights were in straight lines it was assumed to be from SpaceX. But Starlink satellites are yet to get confirmed from the source. 

Meanwhile, we have to keep assuming things.

Vagner also wrote more if the lights are meteors or something else. He had already shared about the objects with the official members of Roscosmos the space agency and asked them to find more details about it. 

Updates from Rosmoscos:

Roscosmos official Vladimir Ustimenko has recently issued a statement saying that it would be very early to conclude what they think about it before the researchers and the scientists from the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences speak anything with proof. He further added that SpaceX has been criticized for the brightness of its satellites and the photos have been captured from Earth-based telescope. They are trying to reduce the brightness but it’s appeared to be Starlink satellites then SpaceX would end up taking criticism. Now they have to wait until the official response on the matter.

To conclude:

We can hope to get some new updates from the space research officials soon. Till then everyone please stay safe and stays updated with us for the latest news related to space and satellites. 

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