Ryan Reynolds Could Be Joining Justice League 2


It is not clear if they will make Justice League 2, but if it does come true, actor Ryan Reynolds wants to sign up as Green Lantern.

They are currently shooting new scenes for the Zack Snyder version of Justice League that will premiere on HBO Max. In addition, new rumors are emerging that they will make a new installment and even a trilogy. So if Justice League 2 ever comes true, actor Ryan Reynolds wants to return as Green Lantern.

In addition to the constant rumors that Zack Snyder might stay and direct two more installments to offer a complete Justice League trilogy, Ben Affleck has been linked at various points with a solo Batman movie and an HBO Max miniseries to Although the actor was only officially hired for the re-recordings they are doing and for the movie The Flash.

Green Lantern has a lot of potentials.

Film director Zack Snyder said the Green Lantern Corps would play a much bigger role in its remake than the brief intervention that hit theaters in 2017. So after that, Ryan Reynolds was suddenly ready to make a surprise appearance. like Hal Jordan. In fact, the information we were handling a few months ago claimed that his contract was ready to sign, only to backtrack shortly after and say that he was actually too busy to commit.

But now, the new information reveals that the Deadpool star wants to participate in Justice League 2 in case it ends up happening. Unfortunately, there are no more details other than that, but the 44-year-old actor has a packed schedule. Even so, it would be great if they gave a new opportunity to that character who for now has starred in one of the worst DC Comics movies. Thus he would have his long-awaited redemption


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