Ryan Reynolds Wants A Different Deadpool Movie!


The character of Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds may have more journey within the Marvel Cinematic Universe than we thought.

Before Disney bought FOX and reclaimed the rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four mutants for Marvel Studios, there were many plans for Deadpool. He was actually the most profitable character and they wanted to do a third installment and a team movie with X-Force. But now things have changed and when Ryan Reynolds met with Kevin Feige he threw a lot of ideas and he may accept one of them very interesting.

According to new information, Ryan Reynolds is pushing for an animated Deadpool movie. Apparently, he wants to do something that he hopes could be the equivalent of the hit Sony movie Spider-Man: A New Universe (2018), which grossed more than $ 375 million and even won the Oscar. This would be separate from the character’s adventures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in live-action and would create his own animated saga.

A couple of years ago, FX was hurtling toward an animated Deadpool TV series, which had Donald Glover on board and overseeing things. However, in the end, the series was canceled due to creative differences. However, Ryan Reynolds clearly still likes that idea being done, even if it’s on film.

The good news is that Marvel Studios is already betting on animation with the series What if…? that will arrive next year. So it would be interesting if Disney + will expand its catalog with an animated Deadpool adventure. Especially if they give creative freedom to Ryan Reynolds who has shown that he knows how to handle the antihero perfectly.

Would you like to see a Deadpool movie in the true style of Spider-Man: A New Universe?


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