Salma Hayek On Being An Aged Actress In Hollywood


Salma Hayek, whom we will see soon in ‘The Eternals’, has opened up about the pressure faced by older women in Hollywood.

Speaking to PA, the 54-year-old actress commented that at the time she was told that her career “would die” at a certain age and that her Mexican heritage would also play against her. Hayek went on to say how she fought and “won” against those detractors, before encouraging other women to do the same.

“They told me that my career would die in the mid-thirties. First, they told me that someone from Mexico would never achieve it, because at that time in the new generations, it was impossible for a Mexican to have a leading role in Hollywood .”

But as the actress has commented, she was not left behind or fell apart, on the contrary: ” I fought and won. I want other women to realize that, because even at thirty you feel the pressure, at forty you also feel it. and late blooming is a beautiful thing, “he said. ” And we are not ‘done’ at this point or this time. If you are creative, enthusiastic and curious about life, life can be exciting forever, all the time .”

Hayek now has one of the most anticipated projects of 2021: at the end, he will appear alongside Angelina JolieRichard MaddenKumail NanjianiKit Harington and many more in the new Marvel film, ‘The Eternals’. She will play Ajak, a character previously depicted as a man in the comics. The Eternals have the ability to manipulate cosmic energy and control their own cellular structure.

The film is scheduled to open on November 5.

So far everything we know at the moment about the Film “The Eternals”. We will update this article as new details become known so if you want to stay up to date on entertainment news, stay tuned and keep reading ” “.


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