Guys, what have you done to enjoy your excess of free time during this ever challenging Covid times and this widespread lockdown. This lockdown has successfully shone  a particular spot light on TV sets due to this crazy amount of leisure everyone experienced.

While most of us had been binge watching a lot of shows and series and reminiscing our old memories with mugs of coffee and cups of tea in our hands, guess what the stars had been busying themselves in.

Here is an account of what Buffy, the vampire slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar had been engaging herself in.

When at home, the actress is a complete family woman and loves to spend her time with her kids. 

In a recent interview, she expressed how this year has been a challenging one for  the people worldwide and in a recent appearance on the Kelly Clarkson show, Gellar revealed that she along with her kids chose to rewatch buffy from the beginning to fill the extra time they had in their hands.

She said she had never thought of showing it to her children, but they urged her to show it to them during Quarantine. They seemed  to be very interested in and we’re always into the show.  She said,  she felt like the world’s biggest disappointment for her kids since every time they would ask her a  question, her  only reply would be that she does not remember exactly everything and would have to call someone to get the answers. She laughed remarking that her son now feels that she actually has become cooler than before.

She also mentioned about her upcoming shows and how playing Spike would be a challenge for her now since she was aging and Spike was a vampire.

It seems that Gellar had a great time with the kids during the Quarantine. We wish the superstar,  bright shining days in the near future!

And for you all I have a task, take a pen or a notepad and make note  of the loveliest things you have engaged yourselves into in this quarantine and later you will realize how good this time period had been


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