Scarlet Witch And Vision: Spectrum Costume Revealed


With the premiere on January 15, 2021, of the Scarlet Witch and Vision (Wandavision) series, the merchandise products of the series have begun to be revealed and these give us an idea of ​​the costume that Monica Rambeau (Spectrum) will wear in the series.

The Scarlet Witch and Vision (Wandavision) merchandise apparently reveals the outfit that Monica Rambeau will wear as the superheroine and avenger in the Marvel comics, Spectrum.

With Scarlet Witch and Vision slated to hit Disney + on January 15, some merchandise for the Marvel Studios television series is already beginning to be seen. Now Monogram Products has revealed a few keychains from the series that will serve as our first visit to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2021, and here are some very interesting reveals.

For starters, we see two new outfits for the Scarlet Witch and Vision. While photos from the set have pointed out that there is a musical number on WandaVision, it looks like we have a magic show too!

However, something that stands out above all the references that will go on sale of this product and is what seems to be our first look at the costume that Monica Rambeau will wear as Spectrum. It’s hard to say if it’s the character’s “final” costume, but this is more than just a Sword uniform, as it bears a strong resemblance to the one his comic book counterpart wears on his adventures with the Avengers.

At the very least, this confirms that Monica is working for SWORD, and that will surely set her on a path that will lead her to become one of Earth’s most powerful heroes as well.


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