See How The Craft Reboot Compares To Original In New Video.

See How The Craft Reboot Compares To Original In New Video.
See How The Craft Reboot Compares To Original In New Video.

The Craft initially released on May 3, 1995. Upon its release, it did well but it wasn’t until later that the film went on to become a cult classic. Despite the heavy-handed sorcery present in the film.

The Craft was applauded for its dark comedy, feminist message, and adolescent nonconformity at the core of the film. The film celebrated female independence and was also labeled as Heathers but with witchcraft. A huge compliment, indeed.

Which is why, when news of the iconic cult classic, The Craft being rebooted hit the internet, netizens had some mixed reactions. Most were elated to bring back the band of four witches, whereas others didn’t want the cult classic being tarnished in the process. 

The Craft Reboot:

Titled as The Craft: Legacy, the reboot is slated to release as video on demand on October 28, 2020, right in time for Halloween. 

The film is written and directed by actress, writer, and director, Zoe Lister-Jones who is known for her portrayal of Fawn Moscato in New Girl and playing Jen Short in Life in Pieces. 

Recently, the trailer for the 2020 version of the original released and it might not be such a bad thing after all, for fans. As seen in the trailer, one can see The Craft:

Legacy bringing a new take on its predecessor while also retaining most of the original elements, including the witch, Nancy Downs. 

Comparing The Craft & The Craft: Legacy:

As the name suggests of the standalone sequel, The Craft: Legacy apart from other additions that will come because of Nancy’s photographs, the film will carry the same plot, predominantly.

The polaroid makes its appearance at the same time in the original film. What it means for Lily, is something one would have to find out only after seeing the film.

That being said, it is worth noting that Andrew Fleming who co-wrote with Peter Filardi and directed the film at the time, returns to the franchise, but as an executive producer. 

Reboots are a difficult task to achieve, especially when its predecessor has set the bar all too high. But if the trailer is anything to go by, it seems Jones has done a splendid job already. Needless to say, Halloween this time around is going be equal parts, scary and exciting with a hint of witch-crafty.


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