Sex Education Season 3 Filming To Start Super Soon!


Netflix has finally confirmed that there will be a season 3 of the comedy. It has announced the renewal with a series of super ‘hot’ memes. Also, we know when the cast will return to the set to shoot it.

Here you have the definitive manual of ‘Sex Education’ with all the information that we got our hands on regarding the release date, new cast characters, future trailers, and all the plots that have not been disclosed yet. You will complain, we only have to be able to provide you pleasure … and we leave that in your hands.

Season 3 Confirmation At Netflix?

Yeah! With these two beautiful posts, the ‘streaming‘ platform announced this great news. In one, they provide us with memes for the remainder of the month. In the other, the director Groff makes it clear that Eric and Adam will be the central part of the new plot. We are almost more eager to see the latest installment than to have an orgasm. We have said virtually.

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Is A Release Date Available? Filming Updates?

The previous installments were released in the first month of each year. It was supposed to be arrived in January 2021 however got delayed due to the global pandemic. However, we are pleased to announce that … the recordings are resuming!

As reported by Cosmopolitan UK, the team is in the full casting of the extras they need to return to the end of this month or in September. What does this mean? That the show may come back sooner than we think.


We must recognize that this delivery has been as good as the first. The level has not decreased; the clarity and teaching regarding sex and current issues, such as homosexuality or sexual abuse, were present at all times … but it has also taken a more dramatic point that we have loved. How not? We are the queens of #drama.

When Otis finally realizes (again) how he feels about Maeve, the new cast character Isaac (George Robinson) appears, and he deletes the voicemail with the statement. Come on, almost what happened in the first season but reverse. Come on, and the third time has to be the charm, right? We want Otis and Maeve to be together!

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