Should I Learn Mexican Spanish Or Spain Spanish?



    It is often problematic to choose between the two types of Spanish which are Mexican and Spanish in origin. There are pros and cons in each case, which becomes an issue for users. But it needs to be remembered that multiple factors tend to determine what can suit the needs of the individual speakers. Most importantly, it can be seen that customization factors work most critically.

    Spanish is a widely important language to learn globally. It is one of the most spoken languages in the entire world and therefore is very much important for academic and commercial purposes. If one wishes to work in Spanish majority of reasons then it is imperative to be aware of their culture and the Spanish language can help in this case. With AmazingTalker you can connect with one-on-one native Spanish Tutors that can help you improve your Spanish, and can be customized to your learning preference!

    Where is Spanish spoken?

    Spanish is spoken in over 20 nations, as well as Puerto Rico: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Despite the fact that it’s anything but an authority language, Spanish is additionally usually spoken in the United States, Belize, Andorra, and Gibraltar.

    There are in excess of 450 million local speakers of Spanish, making it second just to Chinese with regards to the most communicated dialects on the planet. English is simply behind Spanish, with roughly 360 million local speakers. Spanish is the third most concentrated language on the planet, after English and French. Notwithstanding the 450 million local speakers, barely short of 75 million individuals all over the planet communicate in Spanish as a subsequent language.

    In the United States, in excess of 43 million individuals communicate in Spanish as a first language (around 13% of the populace), and that number keeps on developing. Also, the United States is home to almost 12 million bilingual Spanish speakers. This makes it the second-biggest Spanish-talking country on the planet (after Mexico), yet one review predicts the United States will be the biggest by 2050.

    Mexico has the biggest populace of Spanish speakers on the planet as it has 121 million local speakers. Spanish is the authority language of Mexico, notwithstanding numerous nations in Central and South America. About 60% of the Latin American populace communicates in Spanish. The majority of the other inhabitants communicate in Portuguese (around 34%), and a little rate communicates in different dialects, like French, English, and different Mayan dialects.

    Spain is where the Spanish language began, so normally it’s the center point of Spanish speakers in Europe. In any case, with 46 million Spanish speakers, Spain has fallen behind the United States, turning into the country with the third biggest Spanish talking populace.

    In Europe, Spanish is likewise broadly spoken in Andorra and Gibraltar, yet their authority dialects are Catalan and English individually. In Switzerland, around 150,000 individuals, or 2.2 percent of the populace, communicate in Spanish too. It’s one of 24 authority dialects in the European Union and is likewise spoken by little pockets of individuals in other European nations, like Italy, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

    Albeit by far most Spanish speakers live in the Americas and Europe, there are individuals who communicate in Spanish in different areas of the planet too. One country that stands apart is the Philippines, where Spanish was an authority language from the late sixteenth 100 years until somewhat late. The Philippines were under Spanish rule from 1565-to 1898, however, even after the finish of the Spanish-American War, it stayed a co-official language with English until 1987, when it was assigned as a discretionary language. Today, roughly 3 million Filipinos communicate in Spanish or Chavacano — a Spanish-based Creole language.

    Mexican Spanish vs. Spain Spanish


    Both these types of Spanish languages tend to differ mainly because the cultural backgrounds of the nations are different which causes the accent to vary. Both Mexico and Spain have elaborate histories of their own and have been subjected to numerous historical parameters. Therefore the languages spoken here have evolved accordingly.


    The grammatical parameters between the two are different too. Starting from the ways of applying nouns and prepositions to the placing of the adverbs, everything is seen to vary. Both the nations have different approaches in the case and the academic sphere also focuses on these factors. An example can be provided in this case some countries use “tu”, others use “vos”.


    To understand how the grammar differs between the two nations, it is imperative to focus on how the vocabulary varies at large. Some particular words that tend to differ are mentioned as follows:

    Potato: (Mexico: Papa / Spain: Patata)

    Bus: (Mexico: Camión / Spain: Autobús)

    Cellphone: (Mexico: Celular / Spain: Móvil)

    Computer: (Mexico: Computadora / Spain: Ordenador)

    Glasses: (Mexico: Lentes / Spain: Gafas)

    Where to learn Spanish?

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    Thus for the benefit of all, we have explored the differences between the two types of Spanish. Users must consider learning the one which exactly suits their needs. To get the best possible outcome users to consider the Amazing Talker platform as the best venture which can provide you with the best possible course in different types of Spanish. The courses are affordable for all. Hence users must make their own choices very carefully based on their preferences.




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