Sky Castle Season 2: Is This Highly Awaited Series Set To Arrive Next Year?


Sky Castle Season 2 is one of the most anticipated seasons. The first season of this satirical dark comedy show premiered on November 23, 2018, and ended on July 17, 2020. It has 20 episodes and one special episode. Jo Hyun-tak is the director of the show. Till now, the show has gained numerous awards, which includes the Baeksang Arts Award.

Season 1 became a massive hit among the K-drama lovers. Although it is a Korean drama, it gained love from all over the globe. As soon as the first season ended, the fans demanded for a new season. We have shared all the important information regarding the Sky Castle season 2 below.

Sky Castle Season 2: Storyline

Han Seo-jin is happily married to orthopedic surgeon Kang Joon-Seung. Lee Soo-Im is a children’s book writer, and she is married to a neurosurgeon named Hwang Chi-young. They also have a son. Lee is a softhearted woman and feels empathy for other people.

Besides, No Seung-Hye is married to a lawyer, Cha Min-hyuk. He is a man of principle and justice. Besides, he has a huge male ego. Lastly, Jin Jin-hee comes from a rich business family. She is married to an orthopedic surgeon.

The show centers around four materialistic women and their lives that live in an exclusive Castle named SKY. They support and take care of their husbands and try to do their best to get their kids into Seoul National University. Unfortunately, the storyline of season 2 is not disclosed yet by the creators of the series.

But we can expect the plot to continue where it was left off in the previous season. Also, we might even get to watch what these four women will do, and what changes they will bring in their lives for the betterment of their families and achieve more. In the upcoming season, their fates will be revealed too.

Sky Castle Season 2: Is This Highly Awaited Series Set To Arrive Next Year?

Sky Castle Season 2: Premiere date

As of now, no official announcement about the possible season 2 is made by the creators. We also don’t have any production updates from them. Some websites are speculating the next season of the series to release in 2021. So if it arrives next year, then we can expect the creators to drop off the Sky Castle season 2 trailer by the end of 2020.

Cast of Sky Castle Season 2:

The entire cast of the show is speculated to return in the upcoming season of Sky Castle. If the creators decide to add more cast, then they will let us know soon. The cast of the first season is listed below.

Yum Jung- Ah as Han Seo- Jin.

Kim Hye- Yoon as Kang Ye- Seo

Jung Joon- ho as Kang Joon- sang

Lee Ji- Won as Kang Ye- Bin

Choi Won- Young as Hwang Chi-Young

Kang Chan- Hee as Hwang Woo- Joo

Lee Tae- Ran as Lee Soo- Im

Yoon Se- Ah as No Seung- Hye

Park Yoo- Na as Cha Se- Ri

Joe Byeong- Gyu as Cha Ki- Joon

Kim Byung- Chul as Cha Min-Hyuk

Kim Dong- Hee as Cha Seo- Joon

Oh Na- Ra as Jin Jin- Hee

Yu Gene- Woo as Woo Soo- Haan

Jo Jae- Yun as Woo Yang- Woo

Lee Hyun- Jin as Teacher Jo

Kim Seo- Hyung as Kim Joo- Young

Stay connected with us for more updates on Sky Castle season 2.

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