Small Investors get Bitcoin Ownership Steadily


Hey reader! How have you been? Hope you are doing well in this world which has actually become a roller costar ride. 

Well, talking about this roller costar, things have drastically changed ever since the viral monster corona virus entered our world. The biggest impact it had is on the business across the globe weather big or small, which is ultimately affecting the world economy rapidly.

We believe that you are aware of the term called ‘Bitcoin’. If not then don’t worry as our todays talk is all about ‘Bitcoin’, it’s uses, it’s value and every other small detail regarding this valuable digital currency. 

Talking about the pandemic, humans have evolved so much that even if they cannot find a cure to the virus, they know how to minimize it’s spread and keep their lives going and also how to boost up their businesses and change their losses into a gain.

Getting digital is one such way of getting things done today. Although the world has already been very digital and advanced, but covid-19 forced us to upgrade ourselves to another level of advancement.

One such way is called investing in bitcoin. Just in case you don’t remember, bitcoin is a digital currency created in 2008 by a group of people using the name Satoshi Nakamoto and it came in action in 2009. It is not your regular digital currency but some special sort of currency that holds big value and can only be used at certain places.

Today, many companies are accepting bitcoin as a mode of payment which has made it even more valuable. How? Because if you don’t have enough money in this pandemic but you own a ‘Bitcoin’ which has a worth of 11,703.40 USD, then you can feel secure as this is a huge amount of investment that can be used in crucial situations. Isn’t it? 

 How small investors are getting ‘Bitcoin’ ownership steadily?

Talking about the ownership, a recent data has shown how the control of bitcoin’s supply has been steadily shifting towards smaller entities. 

The percentage of holding 10 BTC or less has increased from 5.1% to 13.8% in the last five years. This data shows that the mass adoption of ‘Bitcoin’ has increased rapidly and the best cryptocurrency is getting more and more decentralise.

Today, there are around 18.6 million ‘Bitcoins’ in circulation. The bulk of which is owned by Whales. Interestingly, last five years is the exact time span when the ‘Bitcoin’ held by Whales got fallen from 62.6% to 49.8%, which further indicates that the mass adoption of bitcoin is happening swiftly.

There’s a link given below about Whales just in case you are curious to know more about this company.

Talking about Whales, the company has also been accused several times for manipulating the market and swinging the cost of ‘Bitcoin’ up & down since it’s has the maximum number of the digital gold currency.

This shows that the maximum number on ‘Bitcoin’ holdings are shifting to the retail investors from the early adaptors of it, making ‘Bitcoin’ very valuable and also the talk of the town.

 It also shows that ‘Bitcoin’ is slowly becoming a very big thing in the investment marketing and making it’s way in becoming a very crucial system of financial marketing in the near future. Wow ‘Bitcoin’, way to go!

Knowing the value, demand and even the competition that is going on regarding ‘Bitcoin’, are you willing to invest in it?

 Looking at all these facts, do you think ‘bitcoin’ will actually make it big in the future. Think about it and stay tuned until we get back to you with yet another interesting topic.



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