Spawn reboot is rated lousy and could be canceled


A new rumor claims that the Spawn reboot is up to no good and may never come to light.

Several years ago, Todd McFarlane, a comic book writer, and artist spoke about the script for Spawn, a new film version of his famous character that hit the big screen in 1997 in a movie that left much to be desired. This new adaptation, which some consider a reboot, will have nothing to do with the first film. Although it generated high expectations among fans, there are rumors that criticize the future film.

In the past, Todd McFarlane was very clear about the Spawn project. He explained that he will only make the film if he is allowed to write and direct, and have complete creative control. In 2017 it announced that Blumhouse Productions had taken over the project and started preparations. But four years have passed, and there is no news about the film.

It will be canceled?

Youtuber Mr. H claimed to have a copy of the script written by Todd McFarlane in 2017, which was a second draft of the final version with 116 pages. To give truth to his words, he showed some pages and described scenes, but Spawn’s situation is not very good according to him.

According to Mr. H, the project is a “great disaster” and the script is “complete rubbish”. The antihero that gives the film its name would only appear for about 15 minutes in total, and not exactly full-body, but spectrally and as bugs, rats, and a mysterious shadow. But even if that description catches the attention of fans, the YouTuber believes that the film will be canceled for having a policeman as the protagonist. As everyone will remember, the death of the African-American citizen George Floyd in 2020 caused great outrage in the United States and the police became frowned upon, causing the cancellation of several series with police officers as protagonists, for portraying them in a positive way.

The main character of Spawn would be the detective Twitch, who would play Jeremy Renner, as it was announced in mid-2018.


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