Spencer: First Details About Kristen Stewart As Princess Diana Of Wales


Just a couple of months after enjoying Emma Corrin’s innocent performance in season four of ‘ The Crown ‘ on Netflix, it’s time to prepare for a new Princess Diana, this time played by Kristen Stewart. The actress will play Lady Di in ‘ Spencer ‘, where a defining moment is portrayed in her relationship with the British royal family.

The film, directed by Pablo Larraín (‘The Club’) and written by Steven Knight (creator of ‘Peaky Blinders’), is set on a weekend in the early ’90s when Diana definitely decided that she needed to end her marriage to him. Prince Charles

The story takes place in the space of three days, on one of the last Christmas holidays that he would spend as a member of the House of Windsor on the Sandringham estate. It is a moment that we could see in the last season of ‘The Crown’, although everything indicates that this film will approach the character in a very different way. 

“‘Spencer’ is an immersion into an emotional imaginary that explores who Diana was at a fundamental turning point in her life,” Stewart stated, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s a physical statement of the sum of its parts, beginning with her real last name: Spencer. It’s a heartbreaking effort for her to come back to herself, as Diana struggles to hold on to what the name Spencer means to her,” she continues the actress, who has already assumed in the past the challenge of playing great figures in history, such as Jean Seberg in ‘Seberg, beyond the cinema’ and Joan Jett in ‘The Runaways’.

Already confirmed in the cast of ‘Spencer’ are Timothy Spall (‘Mr. Turner’), Sally Hawkins (‘The Shape of Water’) and Sean Harris (‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’). Filming will take place in Germany and the United Kingdom, and while there is no release date yet, the film is expected to arrive later this year.

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