Spider-Man 3: How Will Other Peter Parker’s Entry Explained?


A new ‘Spider-Man 3’ theory suggests the MCU could adapt the ‘Happy Birthday’ comic.

Excitement for ‘Spider-Man 3’ continues to grow, and fans are increasingly convinced that Tom Holland’s third solo installment as Spider-Man will be a live-action version of the Spider-Verse.

Peter Parker joining a series of alternate doppelgangers and spider-men from across the multiverse to defeat interdimensional villains. However, while it is quite possible that this story forms the basis of the ‘Spider-Man 3’ plot, there is potentially another even more likely candidate among the Spidey comics.

In 2003, the comedy movie The Amazing Spider-Man celebrated its 500th birthday with a story called “Happy Birthday,” which begins with Spidey teaming up with several other heroes to repel Dormammu and the Mindless Beings of New York. When Doctor Strange arrives, the battle appears to have been won, until he and Spidey are trapped in the Dormamu spell. Instead of dying, they are thrown into the void between time and space, between past and future.

‘Spider-Man 3’ is unlikely to adopt this plot point by point, especially since Cyclops and several other characters from the comic are not settled in the MCU, but we have already seen Dormammu in the debut film of ‘Doctor Strange ‘. There are several indicators that Marvel and Sony are getting a lot of inspiration from Happy Birthday.

The first is that the beginning of the comic mimics Spider-Man 3’s position in the MCU. At first, Peter is minding his own business before being dragged into battle alongside some of Marvel’s key characters.

The most important aspect of ‘Spider-Man 3’ is that Benedict Cumberbatch’s ‘Doctor Strange’ will help the wall-crawler on his adventures.

There are some details available on ‘Spider-Man 3’, which indicates that it is complicated to estimate which direction its development will go. However, the similarities between ‘Happy Birthday’ and what we know so far are very compelling, meaning that if he doesn’t adopt it, at the very least the movie will be heavily influenced by him.

Additionally, “Happy Birthday” was an exciting and sincere celebration of the iconic Spider-Man. If ” Spider-Man 3 ” was the end of the Spider-Man trilogy in the MCU, Marvel and Sony could choose to complete it by honoring not only his role in the MCU but the character’s role in the cinema and his importance in the movie. sex. Through his three actors.


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