‘Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse 2’ Oscar Issac’s Casting Confirmed?


In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they represent a mega ‘crossover’ with earlier versions of Spider-Man, the Oscar-winning ‘Spider-Man: A New Universe’ reaches its own way. And, too, with many and very different men and women. The sequel to the film, directed by Joaquim dos Santos and produced by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, begins to reveal some details of its history and its characters, and perhaps they have very affirmatively confirmed that we have already Were coming Post-credits scene from its predecessor.

This is Miguel O’Hara, better known as Spider-Man 2099, a futuristic version of the character created by Rick Leonardi and Peter David in 1992 (one of many alternate realities born of Marvel Comics). O’Hara is a young New York scientist of Mexican and Irish descent who accidentally adopts the secret identity of ‘Spider-Man’ after acquiring supernatural powers.

In ‘Spider-Man: A New Universe’, he does a cameo in the post-credits scene, leaving us wondering if this will be an important piece in the future of the story, or if it is simply a nod to comic book fans is. But the most surprising thing is that Oscar Isaac is the one who voices the character in that cameo. Can you bring it to life in the sequel of the film?

This is what the official Twitter account of the production revealed, which shared the first images of the character, though without confirming or denying the message that we would soon see him as ‘Spider-Man: A New Universe 2’ or Isaac I will see Will make a sound again. Just this: “One year less by 2022.”

While we wait for Sony to break the silence on the matter, we can only wish that the ‘Star Wars’ actors join the project and we can continue to see more and more versions of Spider-Man. to infinity and beyond? Everything seems possible in the animation of this special saga born in 2018, and in the sequel to which we expect news very soon. The premiere is scheduled for 2022.

We will update this article as new details become known so if you want to stay up to date on the news, stay tuned to “marketcapitalize.com”.


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