Star Wars: The High Republic Reveals Character Infographic


To know all the details about Star Wars: The High Republic you have to know all the relationships between the main characters.

LucasFilm is betting very hard on Star Wars: The High Republic, a new stage whose events take place 200 years before what happened in the movies. At that time, the Galaxy lives a period of peace and the Jedi are at their best.

The greatest efforts have been to ensure that everything makes sense and that it is an “ultra-connected” story. That is why the characters will have very important relationships with each other. So it is interesting to meet all of them before starting with their books, comics, and series.

Now with the novel Light of the Jedi of Charles Soule finally on sale, they have created a detailed infographic that shows us how they fit the new characters of Star Wars: The High Republic.

These are the most important characters:

Star Wars: The High Republic Reveals Character Infographic
At first glance, this is somewhat complicated, but the image reveals which characters will be in which books, their personal connection to each other, their Jedi rank, and even the color of their lightsaber. What stands out the most is that we will be able to see young Yoda in Star Wars: The High Republic. After all, the character evolved significantly over the course of the nine films in the Skywalker saga, so we might be surprised with a very different Jedi Master than the one we’re used to.

Let’s hope Star Wars: The High Republic is as impressive as all fans expect. Since a new illusion has been created around the saga. Especially for the success of The Mandalorian and the announcement of a large number of animated and live-action series that we can see on the Disney + streaming platform.

If everything outlined in Star Wars: The High Republic is successful it will demonstrate the great richness of the history of this universe that goes beyond the “Skywalker” period. So we could see more different periods in a few years. Such as the time of The Knights of the Old Republic or future events many years after the movies.


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