Superman And Lois: To Stream Or Not To Stream?


The first trailer for ‘ Superman and Lois ‘ promises a remake of what many consider the first superhero story. “We all started out as a version of ourselves,” Clark says in a dramatic voice-over. “But as we grow, life changes us.”

And change is key. Because in the last 80 years, we’ve heard this story more times than Superman has changed out of his lycra briefs. ‘Supergirl’ successfully turned things around by changing the focus entirely, with the story of a different Kryptonian, but now that Kara is flying towards her end, ‘Superman and Lois’ needs to do something completely different to justify the existence of another series on Superman.

Actually, this isn’t even a new Superman. Tyler Hoechlin first donned the cape on ‘Supergirl’ season two, and in that series, he wore the spandex admirably, embodying the essence of Superman without necessarily taking center stage. But now that he’s the main character in his own series in the Arrowverse, what can ‘Superman and Lois’ offer that other adaptations can’t?

In a matter of minutes, the first episode attempts to present the series as something different, quickly jumping from Superman’s origin story to establish a new dynamic. Yes, Lois is still Clark’s wife, played here again by Elizabeth Tulloch, but ‘Superman and Lois’ differs with the addition of two teenagers, Jonathan and Jordan Kent.

In beginning, Clark describes to us that Jonathan was “always pleasant, always smiling” when he was a child, but the Jonathan we face here is a moderately arrogant athlete who has no time for his father. And he’s the easy one of the duo. “Things with Jordan are even more complicated,” says Clark, before listing problems such as tantrums, night terrors and social anxiety disorder.

In the first episode alone, Superman endures more tragedy and heartache than other Arrowverse heroes face in an entire season. Facing the Man of Steel early on with a barrage of problems, both big and small, there seems to be a predetermined effort to make him more empathetic

Based on the first episode alone, ‘Superman and Lois’ doesn’t seem to know well if she’s part of the Arrowverse or if she’s the distant cousin of a Zack Snyder movie

As we hear in Clark’s voice-over, the character worries about losing himself drowning in the stress of the whole situation, but then says, “Beneath the torn fibers is a strong person forged from steel with the courage to fight for those. whom he loves

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