Superman Knows How To Make Batman Laugh

Does there exist a connection between Batman and the Flash? Read to know more.
Does there exist a connection between Batman and the Flash? Read to know more.

Superman proves he knows how to make Batman laugh.

Without a doubt, Batman is one of the most serious characters in DC Comics, but Superman shows that he knows how to give him a good time.

Batman has many virtues, as he is a multimillionaire genius with a lot of technology at his disposal and an expert in martial arts. His ingenuity and leadership skills mean that he can rise to the level of true gods like Wonder Woman and Superman. But he also has deep sadness at the trauma of watching his parents die in front of him, in a dark Gotham alley when he was a child.

Attention SPOILERS for Batman / Superman # 15 from Joshua Williamson and Andrei Bressan. In the comic, there is a fight between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. But unlike other times, it is a simple snowball battle. While this may seem like a simple yet fun time between friends, it was actually revealed to have a deeper meaning.

In the comic, Batman and Superman are transporting Solomon Grundy to a place called Slaughter Swamp, hoping to resurrect and cause a new birth for the monster. Since its current state contains a mass of toxic chemicals that could wipe out half of the United States. Grundy has turned into a time bomb that could harm even Superman.

As they haul their extremely volatile cargo during a major snowstorm, Superman recalls the winters he used to have as a child in Smallville, sharing with Batman that he had the most incredible snowball fights with his friends. Batman responds by saying that he never had a snowball fight, as he was very isolated as a child after his parents died, and his butler Alfred did not like to get wet.

After the action comes a quiet moment.

We can see how Superman and Batman defend Grundy from the agents of the Secret Society of Supervillains who want to take him over for their dark goals. But they are no match for the pair of the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel and soon arrive at their destination where the Swamp Thing is waiting for them.

After a job well done, Superman tries to bring some fun and positivity into Batman’s life, even cracking a brief smile (rare in the DC Universe). Turning that moment into something quite moving. It’s simple, it’s personal, and it’s just between the two of them and their strong friendship.

Although Superman shares many dark secrets with Batman, it also shows that there are times for happiness and relaxation.


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