Supernatural’s Jensen and Jared recall crying on emotional.

Ending to some good things are always nostalgic and emotional. Supernatural is also coming to an end and at this sad moment two stars of the show took to instagram and showed their love for fan. The also reflected their grief that the show is ending soon and they will be missing the fans support.


The fans had been left in the limbo way back in march of this year when the show had to stop production abruptly in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic. The production stopped with only two more episodes left to be shot for the final season of the show. The stars of the show were also eager to start shooting again as soon as possible. Things improved since then and in August, shooting was resumed. The immediate thing that happened was that the stars were overcome with grief as finally the announcement had come for the series to end.

The stars, overwhelmed by the love they had received from the fans, posted emotional Instagram posts where they thanked the fans for the love and support they had given to the series. First Jenson, who plays the role of Dean Winchester in the show, posted a thank you message on his official Instagram handle followed by Jared on Twitter, who plays the role of Sam Winchester in the show. The posts came on 29th of August, 2020. Now the grief is newfound when actually the end is here and the stars thus just recalled these posts. 

All good or bad things come to an end eventually and it is often good to take the positive out of these things.

Thankyou readers for being so patient and being with us till the end.

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