Swamp Thing Season 2: What Is Known So Far About the Second Run?


A part of DC Universe, Swamp Thing is an American Superhero Horror web series. The series is based on DC comic’s character of same name. A plant elemental creature fighting evil minded forces around a swamp in Louisiana, Swamp Thing character is played by Derek Mears. 

The series aired from May 31st 2019 to August 2nd 2019 with a total of 10 episodes. The revolutionary web television series earned 92% fresh rating with critics. Having spent about $2 million just on the Swamp, producer James Wan was very keen on brining the classic DC comic to life and give the fans an unforgettable experience of lifetime.

Storyline And Release Updates 

The series begins with Abby Arcane played by Crystal reed, investigating a deadly swamp borne virus spread in Marais, Louisiana. Abby ends up developing a bond with Scientist Alec Holland who was hired by a businessman Avery Sunderland to investigate his daughter Shawna’s death. 

Alec later dies tragically after being taken by the swamp. Later in the series along with some horrific discoveries Abby is even able to find the cause of Sunderland’s daughter Shawna’s death.

Even after such great success right in the first episode somehow makers announced that Swamp Thing won’t be renewed immediately after the premier of first episode. In fact the series initially built up for 13 episodes was abruptly cut to 10 episodes only.

Why Swamp Thing was cancelled remains a mystery even after several months. 

Even the swamp costing $2 million has already been dismantled. Certain sources reported that the cancellation minght have been due to budget constrains after the reduction in Tax Rebate by State of North Carolina.

We know it from the sources that before being cancelled the initial plan was to take the series on at least a three-year journey. 

if that would have been the case then most likely we could have got to witness several magically empowered heroes like Phantom Stranger or may be even Madame Xanadu. For that matter the series initial plan also involved introducing Justice League Dark as well.

In May this year CW has acquired the rights to broadcast the series for a re-run. Mark Pedowitz, President of CW has denied any possibilities of renewing the series for now. 

He mentioned that this will be a discussion between CW and Warner Bros. At this time the 10 episodes series is all we have.



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