Thanos’ Snap Sent one Marvel Hero Straight to Heaven.

Marvel fans of course do not love Thanos because of his murderous and menacing lifestyle, busy ruining the lives of plenty of people, snapping his fingers in the Gauntlet saga series unfinished almost half of all the life in the universe.

All his Prey remained dead for a span of 5 years in the movie version, none wanted to remember what happened during this span, but exceptions are always there.

One Hero expressed that he had a great time up in heaven after being snapped by the mighty Thanos. 

He probably had the best experience when he met the rock music enthusiast, Rick Jones and the incredible Hulk’s  longtime sidekick and also enjoyed a game of Hockey with Elvis Presley.

Thanos' Snap Sent one Marvel Hero Straight to Heaven.
Thanos’ Snap Sent one Marvel Hero Straight to Heaven.

Rick disappeared when he was snapped by Thanos’ fingers when the newly created Professor Hulk bed tracking down the abomination.

Most people are unaware of what was happening, it was Rick who realized that he was dying.

The hero stated that Hulk was assigned by the Avengers into a war against Thanos,  managed to survive the fight against nebula the one who stole the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos and changed his genocidal operations.

We also found Elvis to be a great man who lost his life in a plane crash, The Hero got some time to hang out with Elvis and also enjoyed a hockey game. 

The hero indeed had a great time, it seems. 

Being snapped by Thanos proved lucky for him!

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