The Batman: Filming Ended? Deets Inside


Despite having had filming with several breaks, new rumors assure that The Batman team would have already finished filming scenes.

Batman is one of the most anticipated films by fans. In this new version, we will see Robert Pattinson in the skin of Bruce Wayne and Matt Reeves in the direction of the story. Although filming had started many months ago, the film suffered several inconveniences during its filming. However, new rumors circulating on the internet, ensure that the filming of the DC tape has come to an end.

Although at the moment Matt Reeves did not make the end of the filming of The Batman official, some actors, and stuntmen who played the thugs who want to beat Batman, have already begun to share farewell images on social networks. One of them was Elliot Warren who wrote: “This is the end of the road for guys.” However, his post was deleted from his account without explanation. On the other hand, Jay Lycurgo took the same initiative and shared an image of his alleged character in which he said: “It was everything for this crying bully, see you in 2022”.

A complicated shoot

As we mentioned earlier, The Batman had a pretty turbulent filming process. After completing the mandatory quarantine and returning to filming, they had to pause work again due to a case of coronavirus that had tested positive. It was Robert Pattinson! With the protagonist infected with the virus, the filming of the film had to wait for the actor to recover to start filming again.

Despite multiple delays, mid-year when the DC Fandom took place, Matt Reeves presented a solid trailer for The Batman that got fans excited, ensuring that before the pandemic stopped production they already had a good one. forward part.


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