The Beauty And The Beast Easter Egg You Missed In Aladdin


Whenever it did come to Easter eggs in movies, Disney is no stranger to scattering them throughout its feature films for audiences to find. Heck, even before they were obtained, the various branches of the House of Mouse made an effort to include the infrequent nod to other names in one‘s distinctive realms only the most devoted fans will appreciate uncovering.

In Aladdin, Jasmine’s father plays with this Beauty and the Beast toy.

In “Aladdin,” there’s a nod to the 1991 Disney animated film “Beauty and the Beast,” which meets the criteria for a top-level Easter egg. The Easter egg in question is on screen for just a few seconds, but it’s distinctive when you see it. A scene with the Sultan stacking toys begins shortly after the 45-minute mark.

Whereas this film pays homage to a Disney film published only one year previously, “Beauty and the Beast” may well have done the same about “Aladdin” the year before. All through Belle’s journey to the bookstore in the opening sequence of the film, she discusses a novel.

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