The Best British Shows on Netflix, a must watch

The Best British Shows on Netflix, a must watch

Right now, we all are experiencing out of the ordinary time, and have been asked to stay indoors, as safety always comes first. During such an unprecedented time each one of us needs something to keep ourselves busy, engaged, entertained and socially updated.

Life had never been so monotonous. Well! To kill the boredom, apparently each one of us is streaming more and more hours of TV shows and series on Netflix.

To choose what to watch and then not regret, sometimes gets absolutely confusing as everyone around has got as many as recommendations for series, shows, movies, sports etc. It includes all genres from all across the world.

While you have already explored all the possible sides on Netflix, there are still a few avenues you’ve yet to explore such as “The British Shows on Netflix”.

Most of us only like to watch American action flicks, but why limit yourself when the U.K has so much to offer, so many one-of-a-kind series you have probably never seen or heard of. We have a list ready for you, watch while sipping your favorite tea along with handmade oatmeal cookies.

Alright Boyo, Here We Go:

1) Sex Education: A sex therapist’s son, approaching adolescence so thought of making the most of it, so he starts a sex advice business for his classmate to earn extra bucks. Movie is a great watch for parents of teenagers; in fact the season 2 is available as well.

2) The Great British Baking Show: A true delight for those who enjoy baking, The Great British Baking Show is an amateur baking competition show and most popular too. The 10 week competition is going to tell you a lot of baking tricks for your next baking session.

3) Peaky Blinders: A British period crime drama, byproduct of WWI. The movie is staged around a crime family and has power pact performances by all characters to amuse you.

4) Broadchurch: A serial crime drama with 3 seasons, focusing upon a serial crime investigation by local detectives.

5) Sherlock: A modern day adaptation of ‘Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s’ famous ‘Sherlock Holmes’ detective series, Sherlock is mind-blowing and very indulging. A must watch.

6) Bodyguard: Richard Madden as Sergent David Budd is any woman’s dream man, this British police political- thriller is worth watching.

7) The Crown: Flooded with awards, this historical drama web television series is worth watching.

Collateral, Top boy, Call the Midwife, Lovesick, Black Mirror, The IT Crowd etc are a few more you might want to watch once done with the list above. The name list is very long, the best is to explore yourself and enjoy watching British shows and series. For more insight on these shows you can login into your Netflix account or if you haven’t got one then go to Netflix website and get yourself registered today, avoid delays, you are missing out on the good things in life Boyo’s. A little entertainment during such unprecedent time doesn’t hurt and is very healthy.

Conclusion: British shows on Netflix have gained a lot of popularity and have been appreciated by audiences from all across the globe for their impeccable work, heart wrenching stories, brilliant star casts, larger than life on screen sets and outstanding direction skills. Whether it is a periodic drama from the era of WWI or a Royal family show, or Crime investigation series, British shows are delightful, insightful and worth watching. Never disappoint its viewers.

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