The Boys’ version of Homelander and Becca

The Boys’ version of Homelander and Becca
The Boys’ version of Homelander and Becca

Hey guys, hope you all are going gaga over all the new shows and series that are coming up eventually. Yes, this is how most of us are spending time nowadays and we are really very keen on what happens backstage and behind the scenes. 

We love waking up to the warmest gossips, don’t we?

Yes, and that’s what I am here for.

Today the update is about the Boys star Shantel VanSanten who reveals her portrayal of Becca’s feelings after Stormfront and Homelander takes away her son Ryan.

The last episode of The Boys’ has been a little violent but for Becca it has been worse. As soon as Stormfront admitted her broody feelings, Homelander took her to meet Ryan, Becca’s son. 

The Boys’ version of Homelander and Becca
The Boys’ version of Homelander and Becca

Becca, though very uncomfortable, let them meet and hangout. The pair spent some more time in Becca’s house and much to her surprise Stormfront revealed her wish of taking Ryan along with her and giving her a better childhood to Homelander.

Shantel in an interview shared with her fans that with Stormfront around Becca feels less able to stand up to Homelander. But She is a fighter and would be fighting for her son more if needed. 

She also did not miss her chance to appreciate Stormfront’s classic acting and her talent to express things in an enigmatic way. She expressed how as a team they enjoy working with each other.

And thus, fans are sure to get more drama from the story which will keep them hooked to the screens.

Be sure of that!

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