The Bridgertons: Actor Reveals Season 2 Release Date

Little by little, we are getting to know more news about ‘The Bridgertons’ and today we bring you fresh information to calm your anxiety. Jonathan Bailey, star of season 2, has talked about the new installment and even dares to give a possible release date.

The actor who plays Anthony gave an interview to Entertainment Weekly in which he offered clues about his character that will be the center of the next plot based on the second novel: ‘The Viscount who loved me ‘ by Julia Queen. In the next episodes, the young Bridgerton will become the most coveted bachelor and he will be willing to leave the party behind to settle down. He will be captivated by Edwina Sheffield, but the girl’s older sister will not make it easy for him. Love is in the air, but so are problems.“It was the first book I read on the way back after meeting Shondaland. They sent me three scripts, I read them and then I immersed myself in ‘The Viscount who loved me.’ Who knows what will happen, but the relationship that is written in the novel She’s the one I relate to the most. Kate is a brilliant character. “

His heart will change direction, but also his physique: “I think I will shave every week. When we have a definite start date for the recordings I will be able to commit myself. Who knows where I will end this year? Each season may be different. Maybe I will take a big mustache or goatee? “

Jonathan is now ready for his tough physical preparation as well: “I’m looking forward to riding again. I’m honing myself and starting to think about things and there have been some great conversations” The big question is when will we see the result: “We will all return with more romance, hopefully, next Christmas, maybe a little further. 

For further updates, stay tuned and keep reading ” “.

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