The Bridgertons: Does Queen Charlotte Really Exist?


‘The Bridgertons’ does not pretend to be a faithful portrait of London in the time of the Regency.

The series, produced by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes (‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘Scandal’), is based on Julia Quinn’s successful novels, where members of the larger Bridgton family take on an important and loving adventure from all. Types, ranging from finding a spouse to exploring their artistic concerns. But Daphne, Anthony, and company are not just the protagonists of the story, which introduces us to Lady Whistledown and the Duke of Hastings.

But, amidst all this, there is also reality. For example, the marriage market and the social anxiety of matching young people at all costs was most common at this time, as well as the gossip gazette or ignorance imposed on young women about the basic functioning of the human body. In addition, Queen Charlotte, who, curiously, is not only one of the novelty of the adaptation in relation to the original material but was also an actual emperor in England and the wife of King George III. Perhaps the world of ‘The Bridgertons’ is an entire period fantasy, full of anachronisms, but was very real.

The birth of Sophia Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who would become Queen Charlotte, met King George in 1761, and they were married after a six-hour meeting. They certainly weren’t hitting around the bush. Although it was a wedding with a definite regional strategy, their marriage is noted for its success: they were married for nearly 60 years, had 15 children together, and wrote affectionate letters showing their love. In it, ‘The Bridgetons’ hit the nail: They both loved each other very much, however, in the final stages of their lives, the king’s illness forced them to live apart for a time. He died in 1818, and that was just one year later. In the history of the royal marriage, he had an example.

We don’t know so many details about his personality, Though we do at the time about his role in London’s social life, in which he is heavily Form was involved. The first known Debate Ball was held in his honor, and King George later inaugurated an annual ball known as his wife. Perhaps he did not go so far as to bless the newcomers and appoint from his teens as private detectives.

Another account in which ‘The Bridgertons’ is correct: It is said that the English emperor who would be born was of African descent and Mulatto, something that can be seen in the picture that Alan Ramsay made in 19762, though there is still much debate about respect. Historians do not agree and his images do not abound, but this painting employs scholar Mario de Valdes y Cocom to claim his black heritage. “Artists of that period were expected to reduce, soften or erase undesirable features from the face of a subject, but Sir Alan Ramsay was the artist responsible for most of Queen’s paintings, and her portrayals were decidedly African. “He said in The Guardian.

‘The Bridgertons’ tackled the race question by leaning towards Valdes and Kokomo, who signed on to star actress Golda Roushével. Furthermore, the figure helps Van Dusen to create an entire fictional English society where skin color was not a problem, thanks to Queen Charlotte and her influence in court. It was she who provided the duchy of Hastings that Simon Bassett had inherited, and allowed with variety. “This is something that really resonates with me because it has made me wonder how that could actually happen. What else could have happened? What could he have done? Can the Queen elevate other people of society in color Could and could bestow titles on them? And lands and ducats? ”The producer said in an interview with Collider.

There is a lot of speculation about the figure of Queen Charlotte, but in the Netflix series, they make their own pictures, which are based on real data and add little to their creative license from her. result? A fun and all-powerful supporting character. Well, behind Lady Whistledown, of course.


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