The Bridgertons: Fans Respond To The Error In Netflix Series


‘ The Bridgertons ‘ is already the talk of Netflix, but fans have now discovered another hot topic in the dazzling period drama, and it’s a ‘scandal’ worthy of the pen of Lady Whistledown herself.

Some viewers of the Shondaland series have taken to Twitter to point out that the series exhibits a slight visual error in the opening scenes of its first episode, as yellow lines painted along the Bath road can be clearly seen in some shots, while horse-drawn carriages pass through them.

Considering that the first season of ‘The Bridgertons’ is set in 1813, more than a century before the yellow lines began to be used on UK roads to restrict parking, this is a rather unusual picture.

The fans had a lot of fun with the kitten, one wrote on Twitter“I’m really enjoying ‘The Bridgertons’, but with the technology currently available, yellow lines?”, and shared a photo of the moment.

Another tweeted“I’ve been two episodes of ‘The Bridgertons’ and so far I’ve found a yellow line on the road and a manhole cover. I didn’t know 19th century Brits were such pioneers …”

Could there be some kind of time travel scandal yet to be revealed in London high society? We doubt it, but there is nothing wrong with speculating on what could happen in future seasons of the series.

Now we know with the fact that ‘The Bridgertons’ will have a second season after the great success of the first season.

Netflix has approved that a second season is in the process.

‘The Bridgertons’ is based on a series of eight novels by author Julia Quinn, and the second book in the series focuses on Anthony.

The first season told the story of the Bridgertons’ eldest daughter, Daphne ( Phoebe Dynevor ), as she sought to bond with the bachelor Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings ( Regé-Jean Page ) to rescue her reputation after being despised by Lady Whistledown.

Showrunner Chris Van Dusen has exclusively explained to Digital Spy that he “would love to be able to explore stories of love and romance from all” the Bridgerton brothers.

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