The Bridgertons: Rege-Jean Page Points Out The Most Difficult Scene


Regé-Jean Page has revealed which scene he found the most difficult to shoot. And no, it wasn’t that famous hot sex sequence.

In an interview with Netflix Queue, the actor who plays Simon Basset said that it was actually the subtlest moments that gave him difficulties. “It’s not always the extreme things that are the most difficult, ” stated the 31-year-old actor.

” I think everyone has these intense emotional moments in them at all times, ” stated Page. ” You’re just controlling it and keeping it under control. When someone says something that you can’t flare up, so you can’t cry, you just have to take that prick in the rib cage and express it with a flick of an eyebrow or by the way you cut your peas. “

He then cited one scene in particular, in which his character remembers his painful past. ” There is a moment at the Bridgerton house where apparently it’s a pretty calm and happy scene. I’m having dinner for the first time with this family. I really don’t want to be there, but you can’t say it, ” Page explained.

” The kids are there and everyone is happy and playing and being accepted into exactly the warm, loving family that Simon never had. And that’s never explicitly mentioned in the script at the time .” ” No one is going to say. But for him, it is the most important part of that scene. Living in that space is the most challenging part but also the most rewarding .”

The filming of the second has not yet begun, although it seems that in the coming months it will start if the pandemic allows it. So by the end, it could be ready to hit the platform.

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