The Bridgertons: These Are The Real Places You Can Visit


When we become accustomed to a series, we do not miss a single detail: we explain the plots, characters and actors who play them, their costumes and their locations as well. Following the blast of ‘Emily in Paris’, Netflix has once again entertained us since its premiere with ‘The Bridgetons’ with 63 million views.

While waiting for the confirmation of its second season, we dream of becoming Daphne and walking through some of the real scenes of fiction. Many of the places that we see on the screen exist and we can visit them when the pandemic allows us since some are currently closed for this reason.

The real setting where ‘The Bridgertons’ were filmed

The Bridgerton House

The brick mansion that Lady Bridgerton’s family lives in is actually the Ranger’s House museum, located in Greenwich Park, southeast London. It is one of the best examples of art galleries with very relevant works and the Wernher collection.

The Duke and Duchess’s Mansion

Did you hallucinate with Daphne and Simon’s house? You can walk through its gardens, because it really is Castle Howard, in Yorkshire. Outdoor scenes were shot there, while indoor scenes were shot in North Mymms Park, where weddings, Wilton House and Badminton House are held.

Walk around Bath

Much of the street footage was shot in the beautiful city of Bath with its famous curved Royal Crescent building. Pickled Greens coffee also appears.

Simon’s house

Simon’s impressive case study is actually Wilton House in Salisbury. It is a property of the Earls of Pembroke and has already appeared in ‘Pride and Prejudice’, ‘Emma’ and ‘The Crown’.

The club

The venue Anthony and Simon meet at are actually the Lancaster House and The Reform Club. We would surely have a drink there with them.

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