The Chef Show: Season 2 Check out the Release date and much more


Hey buddy! How much do you like food? So much of-course. And how much do you like food related reality shows? A true foodie cannot say no to food reality shows and we know you are one of them. So, today we are here to spill out all the details about the second season of your favourite show called ‘The Chef Show’. So, get ready and get excited!

The Netflix show, released its first season on 7th June 2019 and immediately became an absolute favourite of the audience and backed an IMDb of 8.2/10. The show is about two celebrity chef friends, Choi and Favreau, who roam around the world experiencing different cuisine, flavours, festivals, cultures and people. Now, it is coming back for season 2 and we have got all the updates that you need to know.

The Chef Show Season 2: Release

We have a good news for all you foodie people out there, “the Chef Show season 2’ is all set to drop on Netflix app on the 24th of September 2020. We know you cannot keep calm after hearing this news and Since the release date is not too far, go and get your Netflix subscription right now, if you haven’t already.

Also, if you haven’t watched the first season yet or you wish to watch it again, here is a link specially for you. just click on it and enjoy your virtual food journey across the world along with your favourite celebrity chefs.

The Chef Show Season 2: Cast

Talking about the cast and chefs that will be there in season 2 of ‘The Chef Show’, Bill Burr, Robert Downey Jr, Russo Brothers, Tom Holland, Ivan Orkin Benjamin Jacob and Robert Rodriguez are coming back to entertain you and to help you explore the food world along with them.

The Chef Show Season 2: Plot

Jon Favreau and chef Roy Choi have joined hands in this journey and are now following their passion for exploring and sharing different kinds of food with the audience. They are leading the show to provide some virtual cooking experiences and to share some mouth-watering recipes with their fans and viewers.

The Chef Show

A lot of other celebrities will join them in the show during different episodes and that makes the show a lot more interesting.

Also, since the show is also about travelling to different places and exploring the vast variety of food that every corner of the world has to offer, get ready to see some new places in and around the US that will be projected in the show to complete the concept of its plot.

You can check on to some more latest updates on the show by following their official page on twitter. Here is the link for the same, just click on it and start exploring.

We will definitely be back soon to share some more exciting and lip-smacking updates with our dearest readers. You just don’t forget to stay tuned because we know you want to.

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