The Comey Rule’ Review: based on a book written by ex-FBI Director James Comey


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The news about the release of the new American miniseries, “The Comey Rules” based on the book, “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership” by former FBI Director, James Comey has spread like a fire in the forest.

This is the much-awaited miniseries, so far and it has got eyes of many people on it. This series reportedly follows former FBI Director James Comey, who has served under the new President of United States of America, Donald Trump and was fired by none other than President Donald Trump himself on May 2017.

Owing to his luck he hasn’t been prosecuted for the alleged violations detailed in the scathing report.

When we talk about World’s top countries, the United States of America is one name that tops the list within nanoseconds. It could be because of its reputation worldwide and its influence on world economy, internal affairs and politics.

Millions of people all across the globe follow American current affairs to keep themselves updated on what is happening within the U.S.

The Comey Rules

On October 2019 it was confirmed that the American screenwriter and director Billy Ray would write and direct the sensational miniseries in an adaptation of James Comey Autobiography, “A Higher Loyalty”.

Screenwriter and director Billy Ray met James Comey several times to prepare the script for the miniseries, which is now due to premiere in September 2020. The series will now premiere on September 27, and September 28, 2020. It will also be in U.K on 30th September, 2020.

Who is James Comey and why is James Comey being prosecuted?

James Brien Comey Jr is an 59 year old American Lawyer and also served as the 7th Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

He is married to Patrice Failor and has six children. He’s been prosecuted for the disclosure of sensitive classified information and not safeguarding them while being a part of the FBI, As per the U.S. Government officials, by doing such act he has not only set a dangerous example in front of 35000 current employees of the FBI, but also in the front of retired ones and anyone who has ever associated with FBI in any forms and means. According to the ex-FBI Director James Comey, President Trump has requested him to not to open any file charges against his National Security Adviser, Micheal Flynn. He also has pressurized Comey to let go of the complete investigation and set Micheal Flynn free from allegations made on him. 

An Escalating Fued

President Trump was so upset and, extremely ferocious after he find out that Ex-Director of FBI, James Comey, who has portrays President Donald Trump in his book, “A Higher Loyalty” as an unethical, dishonest leader to which President Trump has called James Comey a worst FBI Director in history, by far. You can read his twitter notes here.

The “Comey Rule” ultimately offer us a valuable insight and valuable perspective on arguably the most important period of Modern American history and chilling revelation about the Trump administration.

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