The Crown Season 4: Royal Family Is Not Happy With The New Season


Princes Carlos and William were vocal after the premiere of the fourth season of The Crown and were very critical of the successful Netflix production.

From its first season, The Crown became a huge Netflix hit. The series is tasked with showing behind the scenes of one of the most powerful families in the world, and fans love her. Since its premiere in 2016, the fiction has caused controversy due to the shocking revelations it makes about the reign of Elizabeth II. The fourth season, which premiered very recently, followed this same line and caused a stir by embracing the troubled relationship between Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

In the last hours, both the heir to the throne and his son spoke out against the new chapters. Although they did not make public statements, the Daily Mail reported that Buckingham Palace sources revealed that the Prince of Wales complained that “many of the things that are depicted do not conform to the truth.” His image was one of the most affected throughout the 10 episodes.

β€œThis is drama and entertainment for commercial purposes, which is done without regard to the people involved. It is dragging things that happened in very difficult times 25 or 30 years ago without thinking about anyone’s feelings ”, were the words of Carlos according to the British newspaper.

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The word of the children

William, one of the children he had with Diana and the second prince in the line of succession, had the same opinion as to his father and according to The Times, he is quite furious with The Crown series because he thinks his family is being β€œ exploited to earn money ”. Daily Mail also adds that Lady Di’s eldest son “believes that they are depicted in a false and very simplistic way.”

Although it is a series based on the reality that takes care of the details, the producers were in charge of clarifying that it is fiction and not a documentary. However, the royal family took a terrible toll on the fourth season of The Crown and they soon made their discontent known. For its part, the English press also strongly criticizes the new episodes and assures that this season will make fiction cease to be credible.


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